Kodi-2018 Flagship Horse-Roxy Mold-PRE ORDER

Kodi-2018 Flagship Horse-Roxy Mold-PRE ORDER
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2018 Flagship Model "Kodi"

Model is expected to arrive in May/June, and will ship within 3 days of it's arrival in stock.  Each dealer is only allowed to order 24.  They are sold first come, first served, and LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.  If you order more than 1, your order will be cancelled, refunded, and you will be asked to place your order again, with only 1.  If that happens, I can't guarantee that there will still be stock available as you make your 2nd attempt, so please, just order 1.  :)  
If a period of time elapses, and there are still some available, I will take away the restriction.  

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