New In Box Traditional Models

Here you will find models that have never been removed from their boxes.  These include both new and retired models.

Although I will not sell an obviously damaged model (major flaws from the viewing side), I can not be held responsible for flaws that are not visible from the outside of the box.

If you are interested in models with small variations (i.e. darker colors, more dapples etc.) I am more than happy to "hand-pick" a model for you at no additional charge.  Just contact me for special requests prior to purchasing.
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American Pharoah Artist Resin-New for 2016
American Pharoah Resin This stunning sculpture of triple crown champion American Pharoah features..
American Pharoah Traditional-New for 2016
American Pharoah Traditional IN STOCK! Order this Triple Crown Winner today!    ..
Babyflo-Champion Barrel Racing Fallon Taylor-New for 2016
Babyflo Champion Barrel Racer, owned by Fallon Taylor   ..
Bandera Ranch Horse #1769- Limited to 5000!
Bandera Ranch Horse #1769 Traditional Scale This model will be New in Box, never removed.  ..
Banks Vanilla-New for 2016
Banks Vanilla-Champion Pony  ..
Blackjack-New in Box This set includes the model, bridle and the book. ..
Boomerang-#9202 Traditional NEW FOR 2017!
IN STOCK Boomerang-#9202 Traditional, New in Box, never removed  ..
Brass Hat-2018 Breyerfest Celebration Model
Brass Hat Breyerfest 2018 Celebration Model I am offering pickups for this model; models will be..
Breyerfest 2016 Celebration Horse Imperador das Aguas JM
NEW SCULPT!  The Mangalarga Marchador sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig will be released at ..
Breyerfest 2017 Bollywood Surprise-Matte Tobiano Paint
Meet Bollywood Surprise!  This is for the MATTE TOBIANO version Good condition, no major fla..
Breyerfest 2017 Holi Store Special Elephant
Meet Holi!  One of the Breyerfest 2017 Store Specials!  New in Box, never opened. ..
Breyerfest 2017 Indu-Special Run Model
Meet Indu!  One of the Breyerfest 2017 Special Run Models!  MATTE Indu Good conditio..
Breyerfest 2017 Jaipur-Store Special
Meet Jaipur!  One of the Breyerfest 2017 Store Specials!  New in Package, never opened ..
Breyerfest 2017 Louts-Store Special
Meet Lotus!  One of the Breyerfest 2017 Store Specials!  New in Package, never opened.&..
Breyerfest 2017 Madhurri Store Special Crystal
Meet Madhurri!  One of the Breyerfest 2017 Store Specials!  New in Box, never opened.&n..
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