Special Services

Time to start planning for Breyerfest 2019- Horse Heroes!

 We had a successful year in 2017 and 2018 of acquiring over 250 models for customers, and all went smoothly!  

 Thank you all for your interest and continued business!

 If you are interested in having pickups for Breyerfest 2019 "Horse Heroes", please contact me through my email chelseabmodelhorses@yahoo.com   There are only a limited number of slots available, so make sure that you reserve them early!  If you ordered from me in 2018, you will have first chance at slots for 2019.

Below I am attaching my terms and policies.  In short, if you would like to forgo the hassle of locating your Breyerfest models during the frenzy immediately after the event, and have the assurance that your wishlist is being filled, then you NEED our service.  My process is very simple...I have flat prices for my models.  The prices include all expenses, except for shipping, which is billed after the event.  

To join my pickup list, please email me ASAP at chelseabmodelhorses@yahoo.com   You don't want to miss this opportunity to join in the Breyerfest fun, from the comfort of your home!  


Oliver-Celebration Model-$35 with other Breyerfest purchase, or $50 alone

Pepper-Special Run-$160


Quill-Special Run-$160


Diana-Special Run-$160


Zipped in Black Magic-$140


Bucky-Special Run-$130



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