Breyerfest Early Bird Deadline Approaching!

02/04/2019 419
Breyerfest Early Bird Deadline Approaching!

Wow! Time is FLYING by! I can hardly believe that we are already into April!
Let's talk Breyerfest! With the Early Bird Deadline fast approaching (April 15th) I wanted to touch base with you all and remind you that with the passing of the Early Bird Deadline, also comes a small increase in Special Run pickup prices. That said, if you were on the fence about reserving a Special Run model, I HIGHLY encourage you to do so before the deadline! Save yourself some money! 

Also! A couple of the pickup models have already been fully reserved, and a few others are getting VERY close! All that is required to place an order is $65 down. The remainder is due by June 30th; shipping will be billed after Breyerfest upon my return, and all models will be shipped within 2 weeks of my return, but most likely within 1 week. :)

Here is the link to my Breyerfest reservation page (PAYMENT PLAN IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PICKUPS), or shoot me an email with any questions!…/breyerfest-2019-picku…

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