2019 New Releases and Pre-Orders

24/12/2018 742
2019 New Releases and Pre-Orders

Happy Holidays everyone!  


Exciting news!  Breyer has given us the opportunity to get our 2019 line information a little earlier than expected this year!  All the 2019 items have been uploaded and added into the "New for 2019" category, and Pre-Orders have begun!  

Why Pre-Order?  Simply enough, so you can get your models quicker!  With all new releases, I open for Pre-Orders so that I know better how many of each model to place on order, so that I have plenty for everyone!  There is nothing worse than not ordering enough, and then my customers needing to wait for either me to get the model back in stock, OR Breyer overselling, and the item going on backorder, which could take MONTHS to get back in stock.  So, with every new release, I open for pre-orders so that when I place my initial order, it contains enough models to cover EVERYONE the first time!  

Also, when you pre-order, your models are the FIRST to leave the shop upon their arrival!  I fulfill orders in the order in which they were placed.  The only exception to this is if all the items in your order didn't arrive, and I have to wait just a tad until the rest of the items arrive.  

How long will I be accepting pre-orders? Until the models arrive!  :D  Once the models arrive, I go back through my inventory, and after all pre-orders are shipped, I adjust my inventory numbers on the website so that everything is accurate.  

To all my customers, THANK YOU for your continued business and support!  I so enjoy talking to each and every one of you!  You all make this hobby a fun one to be apart of!  Happy Holidays! 



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